Everyone’s family has signature recipes- Grandma’s apple pie, Great Aunt’s tamales, Mom’s mac & cheese.  No matter how simple or complex, they all have the same things- ingredients, procedures, and a final, delicious outcome.

But what makes a family?  

At Family Recipe, we define the word as the community with whom we share our lives. The recipe, in this case, is love & guidance, exchanged ideas and a multitude of shared memories. The goal is to mix in a variety of experiences, teach lessons and help each other grow into the best versions of ourselves.  The name Family Recipe comes from this notion.  

We see food as the binder that brings all those ingredients together- sharing culture, tradition, experimentation and creative expression. The intent is not to give elaborate recipes and fancy cooking techniques. It’s to make cooking an accessible part of our daily lives. We know from experience that humans thrive when we LEARN, EAT, & GROW TOGETHER, whether it’s at home or in the community*.  

We believe there’s no reason family time has to start at the dinner table.  At Family Recipe, there’s always room in the kitchen!

*Family Recipe, LLC cooks with fresh, locally sourced ingredients as often as possible to support and bring awareness to the local food economy. We strongly believe that access to nourishing food is a human right and that economic hardships should not stand in the way of an individual’s ability to feed themselves and/ or their family. Family Recipe, LLC is committed to providing education to all who are interested via our “Pay What You Can” ticket option.

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