Everyone’s family has signature recipes- Grandma’s apple pie, Great Aunt’s lasagna, Mom’s tuna noodle casserole.  No matter how simple or complex, they all have the same things- ingredients, procedures, and a final, delicious outcome.

But what makes a family?  In very general terms- parents & kids, love & guidance, and a multitude of experiences. The goal of a family is to mix in a variety of experiences to teach lessons and help each other grow into the best versions of themselves.  The name Family Recipe comes from this notion.  My intent is not just to give you recipes and show you how to cook. It’s to help you do it together.  Cooking as a family means opportunities to experiment, learn, practice skills, show off for one another, try new things, appreciate old favorites, fail, succeed, and simply enjoy being TOGETHER.

There’s no reason family time has to start at the dinner table.  Let’s step into the kitchen and get a little messy, shall we?