First Steps to a Healthy Family

Family Recipe, LLC is officially up and running!  It’s taken many starts and stops to get to this point, but we’re here now, and I’m 100% certain our family’s re-vamped approach to nutrition is to thank.

Back in January, Eddie and I agreed that we were all needing to make some changes for our health.  We both have our individual goals (more on those later), but above all, there were a few things we needed to accomplish with our kids, as a family:

  1. REDUCE SUGAR!! We kept Teddy away from most added sugars for his first 2 years, but somewhere in the last year, with lack of foresight, we introduced treats like smoothies and hot chocolate from coffee shops as well as his all-time fave, Chick-Fil-A.  YIKES.  Potential treats + the word “no”= toddler tantrums x INFINITY!  (Yes, we tell him “no” anyway.  Yes, we work through the tantrums. Yes, we’re exhausted humans and sometimes give in.) “Kid food” loaded with additives and various forms of sugar makes me shake my angry fists at the universe!  Eddie and I agreed that if we can make one change to set our kids up for a lifetime of healthy habits and significantly reduced risk of myriad healthy problems, it must be this.  I’ve noticed that many parents, ourselves included, have this weird guilt around “treats,” like if we don’t let our kids have ice cream and candy, we’re depriving them of a critical part of childhood.  HARD TRUTH: What you’re actually doing is RELIEVING them from the burden of poor health. Yes, taking away sugar is HARD. Kids are bombarded with marketing and are lead to believe that they need things that are not actually good for them, but if we can protect them from diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and obesity, you bet it’s worth slogging our way through the tantrums.
  2. Family mealtime- We’ve encountered a few frustrations with our oldest son, Teddy, (3 years) and getting him to try new foods.  We know much of this is normal for toddlers, but a big part of getting kids to be adventurous eaters is for them to see their parents/ family eating adventurously.  Our eating schedule had been split up for a while, so we now make a conscious effort to eat together as often as our schedules will allow.  Guess what- it’s helping!  We went from having a wiggly kid who ran around while grazing, not really focusing on his food, then ending up “so, so, hungry” at bedtime to a (still wiggly) kid who sits in his chair at the table and (usually) eats until he’s full.  Just recently, we’ve had success getting him to try new foods, 1 bite at a time (as in, literally, 1 bite-size piece of food per night) with the promise of dessert after.  It’s slow-going, but PROGRESS!

So, all that to say, we’ve had to change a lot about how we structure our meals and approach to eating.  We’ve had to collaborate, including Teddy, to come up with meals that will best-serve all of us.  We’ve had to actually do the things I’ve been wanting to teach others- meal plan, cook, and enjoy healthy eating AS A FAMILY.

With our home base covered, I’m ready to get this thing started!  If you dread cooking dinner (or breakfast or lunch), have picky kids, or even just want some help fine-tuning your cooking skills, I’m here to help!  And don’t worrying about loading the kids into the car- I come to you.  Stay tuned for meal planning and cooking session packages and pricing!  In the meantime, follow on Instagram @family_recipe_cooking.

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